Saturday, February 20, 2021

Beasiswa Korea: 2021 KOICA Master Degree Scholarship Program Batch I


Kabar gembira bagi para pemburu beasiswa khususnya yang pengen banget ke negeri Korea, beasiswa KOICA dan buka loh..

Good morning, this is KOICA Indonesia Office.
KOICA would like to offer the 2021 Master Degree Scholarship Program Batch 1. There are 18 Fields of Studies and Other Universities will be informed after the bidding process around February 2020.

1. The Scholarship is ONLY for Government Officials, International Development NGO and University (Officials)
2. Applicants from Private Sector may apply ONLY for KAIST (Social Economy Program with the qualification refer to KAIST Program Information).
3. Applicant can only take one course
4. Before the interview willing to sign the statement letter of not applying to other scholarship, to give the opportunity to other applicants.

1. Be a citizen of the scholarship target country (Indonesia)
2. Be officially nominated by the government
- Be a government Officials with minimum 2 years’ experiences in the field study (recommendation Letter form SETNEG)
- Non-Government official’s applicants with 2 letters of recommendation from related Ministry and Korean Embassy or an UN-associated organization or KOICA Indonesia
3. Under 40 years old on February 1st, 2020
4. Be in good health both physically and mentally
5. Have a completed Bachelor Degree or an equivalent to college/University Level education program
6. Have a good command of both spoken and written English
7. Not a person who has withdrawn from KOICA’s Scholarship Program
8. Have not participated in KOICA’s Scholarship program or any of the Korean Government’s Scholarship Program before (Master Degree Program)
9. Other qualifications from University you are going to apply (refer to Program Information)

- Airfare round-trip economy class
- Tuition Fees
- Extracurricular Activities
- Monthly Allowance
- Accommodation
- Settlement Allowance
- Scholarship Completion Grants
- Insurance

1. KOICA Application Form (should be typed in English)
2. Recommendation Letter(s) from Applicant’s government
3. University Documents (all forms should be typed in English), refer to Program Information
4. Documents that are required by University, refer to Program Information

Applicants can download the document of the Universities’ information

KOICA Indonesia Office
Ms. Yulia Hastari
Phone: 021-5150941/2

Lokasi: Jakarta, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta, Indonesia

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